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EE 459Lx - Embedded Systems Design Laboratory

Welcome to the home page for EE459Lx (Embedded System Design Laboratory), a Capstone Design course in which teams of engineering students build a moderately complex digital system incorporating a programmable microcontroller. This class gives the students an opportunity to use the skills and knowledge they have learned in several other classes in the EE curriculum.

Since 2008, EE459Lx has offered a unique learning experience to the students by having them collaborate with undergraduate students from other schools at USC to develop the prototype of a commercially viable product. Teams of EE459Lx students are combined with teams of students from a class in the Marketing Department in the USC Marshall School of Business, and with students from a class in the Roski School of Fine Arts to form a interdisciplinary product development team. Throughout the semester the teams meet to discuss the product and to resolve issues that come up. The EE 459Lx students provide the engineering expertise to design and build a working prototype of the product. The marketing students conduct market research to determine the features and prices that will make the product a success and determine how the product will be launched and marketed to the consumers. The fine art students build "looks-like" prototypes of the product, select color schemes, and design the logos and packaging material.

Note: Due to the size of the MKT and FA classes we can only have about 20 students in the EE459 class that collaborates with them. If the demand for seats in EE459 exceeds this numbers we normally open a second section of the class at a different time. The second section works on the same types of projects as the collaborative section but does not do any collaborating.

Team 4 (GoPro), Spring 2019 Team 5 (Philips), Spring 2018
Team 6 (FitBit), Spring 2017 Team 6 (Tesla), Spring 2016
Team 1 (Garmin), Spring 2015 Team 5 (Apple), Spring 2014

The goal is to expose students to the process of developing a new product in an interdisciplinary environment and to provide an experience very similar to what an engineer would have at any company where they work to produce a product that not only functions but is also something customers will want to buy.

The products selected for development by the combined teams are intended to be typical consumer electronic devices:

For each product, the teams are encourage to innovate and add features to the product as they see fit based on the available technology and the results of their market research. The teams are for the most part free to set their own schedule during the semester. The EE459Lx lab is open 24/7 for use by the students. In addtion to meeting with their MKT and FA teammates, each EE team meets with the instructor every week to review their progress. During the semester the teams will be required to:

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