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EE 459Lx - Embedded Systems Design Laboratory

Spring 2018

This is the home page for the EE 459Lx (Embedded Systems Design Laboratory) class. From here you can view announcments and get copies of handouts, schedules and other documents.


In order to access the EE459 lab (OHE 240) you will need a USCard with the proximity chip in it. Look at the lower edge of the backside of your card. If it has some numbers printed in gold or black then the cards is compatible with proximity readers.

If you don't have these numbers, go to the USCard office and tell them you now need access to a room with a proximity lock. They will issue you a new card for free.


9:30-10:50 section2:00-3:20 section
Course syllabus Course syllabus
Semester schedule Semester schedule
Project description Project description

Handouts and Assignments

The documents below are handouts that will be discussed in class or during the office meetings

These are the lab assignments that were handed out

Teams and Meeting Schedule

Below are the team assignments in no particular order.

9:30 Class

TeamMembersMeeting Time
11Joseph Powell, Natalie Ramsy, Philip Wong9:00 Thurs.
12Bill Behenna, Tianyu Hu, Logan Silliman10:00 Tues.
13Elizabeth Fohsta-Lynch, Andrew Ng, Sid Tai, Han Xu10:00 Thurs.
14Matthew Cacho, Liheng Lin, Xin Yu3:30 Tues.
15Sam Goldwasser, Erdong Hu, Andrea Luna9:30 Tues.
16Kody Ferguson, Haopeng Song, Stephen Zimmerman4:30 Mon.
17Zhaoqi Chen, Travis Deng, Miguel Gallegos, Tvisha Gangwani10:30 Thurs.
18Cristian Balding, MacKenzie Collins, Yilun Tang9:00 Tues.
19Aashka Damani, Wenhan Fan, Erik Martin, Josh Troglia10:30 Tues.

2:00 Class

TeamBrandMembersMeeting Time
1Google/NestJustin Cheng, Spencer McDonough, Jing Wang3:30 Wed.
2AmazonAmy Lee, Jun Yup Lee, Yanbin Lyu, Samual Park3:00 Tues.
3SamsungQuang Dang, Zheng Liu, Carolinne Montero Mesquita, Wenqi Wei2:30 Tues.
4LGCandela Abejon Fuertes, Yao Guang Hoh, Kyle Hsu, Wilson Randle2:00 Tues.
5PhilipsJohn Lazzeroni, Zhengxi Xiao, Zeyuan Zheng4:00 Mon.

All teams should turn in a copy of their weekly progress report at the meetings. If you can't find any of the forms that were given to you, here's a generic one to fill out: WeeklyProgressReport.pdf

Other stuff

If you are interested in purchasing electronic components for building projects, here are some links to places we buy parts from.

Jameco Electronics - We used to buy most of our stuff from Jameco before they "improved" their web site. It's now more difficult to find stuff on the web site so you may be better off requesting a printed catalog or looking through the PDF version of the printed catalog. It's usually easier to find parts in that catalog than online. It will also get you on their mailing list for future catalogs.
Digi-Key - This is our other primary supplier. They have a large inventory, the prices are reasonable, and we usually get the order pretty quickly. They send out a printed catalog of over 1000 pages. However the size of the catalog sometimes make it hard to find things.
SparkFun Electronics - This company sells a lot of interesting items for the hobbiest/experimenter. Their inventory changes a lot so you might not be able to buy the same things six months from now.
Parallax, Adafruit, DFRobot - These are similar to SparkFun in that most of the stuff is for the hobbyist.
Modern Device - They seem to have a interesting variety of components including many sensors and related components.
Newark and Mouser Electronics - These two are major suppliers to the electronics industry with very large inventories. Not sure if they have minimum order amounts that may make it hard for the hobbyist but they are worth a look.
All Electronics - This is basically a surplus store with both new and used components. Their prices on some stuff is very good, provided you can find what you need. You can also visit their store at 14928 Oxnard St., Van Nuys.
B.G. Micro - They sell a wide variety of interesting stuff. Download their PDF catalog.
Apex Electronics, This is a large electronics surplus store in an industrial area of the San Fernando Valley (8909 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley). If they have something you need, you can probably get it at a good price, but it's sometimes hard to find things. It's definitely worth at least one trip there just to see the place, and its storage area outside in the back.

Office Hours

Allan Weber
M: 10-12, W: 11-12, Th: 3:30-4:30
EEB 410, 213-740-4147