The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering University of Southern California

EE 459Lx - Embedded System Design Laboratory

Inventory of Parts for Projects

The list below contains most of the parts that are in stock in the EE-Systems department for EE459 projects. Students requiring any of these parts for their projects should email their instructor and request the part.

ICs with 8, 14, 16, 18 or 20 pins use a 0.3" wide socket. ICs with 24, 28, 32 or 40 pins use a 0.6" wide socket unless noted otherwise.

Part           Pins  Description
----          -----  -------------------------------------

	Logic IC's

74LS00           14  Quad 2-input NAND gate (LS model)
74S00		 14  Quad 2-input NAND gate (S model)
74LS04           14  Hex inverter (LS model)
74S04		 14  Hex inverter (S model)
7404		 14  Hex inverter
74LS07           14  Hex inverter (open-collector outputs)
74LS08           14  Quad 2-input AND gate
74LS09           14  Quad 2-input AND gate, open-collector outputs
74LS10           14  Triple 3-input NAND gate
74LS11		 14  Triple 3-input AND gate
74LS14           14  Hex Schmitt trigger inverter
74F14            14  Hex Schmitt trigger inverter
7414             14  Hex Schmitt trigger inverter
74LS20           14  Dual 4-input NAND gate
74LS21           14  Dual 4-input AND gate
74LS27           14  Triple 3-input NOR gate
74LS30           14  8-input NAND gate
74LS32           14  Quad 2-input OR gate
74LS74A          14  Dual positive edge-triggered D flip-flop
74F74            14  Dual positive edge-triggered D flip-flop
74LS85           16  4-bit magnitude comparator
74LS86A          14  Quad 2-input XOR gate
74LS112          16  Dual negative edge-triggered J-K flip-flop
74F112           16  Dual negative edge-triggered J-K flip-flop
74LS123          16  Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator
74LS125A         14  Quad 3-state non-inverting buffer (active low enable)
74LS126A         14  Quad 3-state non-inverting buffer (active high enable)
74LS133          16  13-input NAND gate
74LS136          14  Quad 2-input XOR gate with open-collector outputs
74LS138          16  3-to-8 decoder
74LS139          16  Dual 2-to-4 decoder
74LS148          16  8-to-3 priority encoder
74LS151          16  8-to-1 multiplexer
74LS153          16  Dual 4-to-1 Multiplexer
74F153           16  Dual 4-to-1 Multiplexer
74LS155          16  Dual 2-to-4 decoder/demultipexer (common selectors)
74LS157          16  Quad 2-to-1 multiplexer
74LS158          16  Quad 2-to-1 multiplexer (inverted outputs)
74LS161A         16  4 bit binary synchronous counter with asynchronous clear
74LS163A         16  4 bit binary synchronous counter with synchronous clear
74LS164          14  8-bit serial-in/parallel-out shift register
74LS165          16  8-bit parallel-in/serial-out shift register
74LS166          16  8-bit parallel-in/serial-out shift register with clear
74LS169A         16  4-bit binary synchronous up-down counter
74LS173A         16  4-bit edge-triggered D register with 3-state output
74LS174          16  6-bit edge-triggered D Register
74LS175          16  4-bit edge-triggered D Register with complementary outputs
74LS181          24  4-bit arithmentic logic unit
74LS191          16  4-bit binary synchronous up-down counter, async. load
74LS192          16  4-bit decade sync. up-down counter, async. clear
74LS193          16  4-bit binary sync. up-down counter, async. clear
74LS194A         16  4-bit bidirectional universal shift register
74LS195A         16  4-bit parallel-in/parallel-out shift register
74LS240          20  8-bit 3-state buffer/driver/receiver (inverting)
74F240           20  8-bit 3-state buffer/driver/receiver (inverting)
74LS241          20  8-bit 3-state buffer/driver/receiver (non-inverting)
74LS243          14  4-bit bus transceiver
74LS244          20  8-bit 3-state buffer/driver/receiver (non-inverting)
74LS245          20  8-bit 3-state bus transceiver
74LS247          16  BCD to 7-segment decoder
74LS251          16  8-to-1 multiplexer with 3-state output
74LS253          16  Dual 4-to-1 multiplexer with 3-state output
74LS257A         16  Quad 2-to-1 multiplexer with 3-state output
74LS258          16  Quad 2-to-1 multiplexer with 3-state (inverted) output
74LS273          20  8-bit edge-triggered D register with clear
74LS283          16  4-bit adder
74LS367A         16  Hex 3-state buffer/driver
74LS373          20  8-bit D transparent latch with 3-state output
74LS374          20  8-bit edge-triggered D register with 3-state output
74LS398          16  Quad 2-to-1 multiplexer with storage
74HC595		 16  8-Bit serial-in shift register with latched outputs
74LS688          20  8-bit comparator

	Logic IC's (old and/or obsolete)

7402		 14  Quad 2-input NOR gate
7403		 14  Quad 2-input NAND gates, open-collector outputs
7405		 14  Hex Inverter, open-collector outputs
7407		 14  Hex Buffer, open-collector outputs
74LS13		 14  Dual Schmitt trigger 4-input NAND gate
7445		 16  BCD to decimal decoder/driver
7470		 14  Dual positive edge-triggered J-K flip-flop
7472		 14  Dual J-K master-slave flip-flop
74LS76A		 16  Dual negative edge-triggered J-K flip-flop
74LS95		 14  4-bit parallel-in/parallel-out shift register
7497		 16  6-bit binary rate multiplier
74121		 14  Monostable multivibrator
74150		 24  16-to-1 multiplexer
74LS160A	 16  4-bit decade counter with asynchronous clear
74162		 16  4-bit decade counter with synchronous clear
74198		 16  8-bit shift register


24LC256		  8   32K x 8 bit I2C Serial EEPROM
93C46		  8   128 x 8 bit Serial EEPROM
TMM2016PB-12	 24   2K x 8 bit SRAM, 120ns
SRM2264LC10	 28   8K x 8 bit SRAM, 100ns
LH5168-10L	 28   8K x 8 bit SRAM, 100ns
MS62256ALP-85PC	 28   32K x 8 bit SRAM, 85ns
HM62256LP-85	 28   32K x 8 bit SRAM, 85ns
HM628128LP-7	 32   128K x 8 bit SRAM, 70ns
TMS2516-35	 24   2Kx8 bit EPROM, 350ns
TMS2516-45	 24   2Kx8 bit EPROM, 450ns
AM27C64		 28   8Kx8 bit EPROM
AM27C256-120DC	 28   32Kx8 bit EPROM, 120ns

	Programmable Logic

ATmega1284P      40   Atmel Microcontroller
ATmega328P	 28*  Atmel Microcontroller
ATmega328	 28*  Atmel Microcontroller
ATmega168A	 28*  Atmel Microcontroller
ATtiny4313	 20   Atmel Microcontroller
ATtiny85-20	  8   Atmel Microcontroller
ATtiny84A	 14   Atmel Microcontroller
MC908JL16	 28   Freescale Microcontroller
MC68HC908QT4	  8   Freescale Microcontroller
MC68HC908JL8	 28   Freescale Microcontroller
MC68HC908JL3	 28   Freescale Microcontroller
MC68HRC908JL3	 28   Freescale Microcontroller (JL3 with RC clock circuit)
GAL22V10D,B	 24*  Lattice PLD, similar to AMD PALCE22V10H
ATF22V10C	 24*  Atmel PLD, similar to AMD PALCE22V10H
PEEL22CV10AP	 24*  ICT PLD, similar to AMD PALCE22V10H
GAL16V8A-15	 20   PLD
MACH210-12JC	      MACH PLD (44-pin PLCC)
MACH211-12JC	      MACH PLD (44-pin PLCC)
MACH211SP-12JC	      MACH PLD (44-pin PLCC)
EPM7192EQC160-12      Altera MAX 7000 PLD (160-pin PQFP)
EPM7160SLC84-7        Altera MAX 7000 PLD (100-pin TQFP)
EPM7128ELC84-7        Altera MAX 7000 PLD (160-pin PQFP)

* These 24 and 28 pin devices mount in a narrow .3in wide socket

	A/D & D/A converters

AD876JR		 28   10-bit video A-to-D converter (ADC), SOIC package
		      mounted on a 0.6" wide DIP adapater
ADC0820CCN	 20   8-bit A-to-D converter, 1.2 usec
ADC0804		 20   8-bit A-to-D converter, 100usec

MCP4725		      12-bit DAC				Adafruit 935
MAX517		  8   8-bit D-to-A converter, I2C interface
MAX550		  8   8-bit D-to-A converter, SPI interface
HI3338KIB	 16   8-bit Flash D-to-A converter (DAC), SOIC package
		      mounted on a 0.3" wide DIP adapter
DAC0832LCN	 20   8-bit D-to-A, double buffer, 1usec
DAC0800LCN	 16   8-bit D-to-A Converter, Tconv=50usec

	Video Circuits

LM1881N-ND	  8   Video sync separator
74ACT715A	 20   Video sync generator
MM5321N		 16   Video sync generator
CD22402E	 24   Video sync generator

	Op-Amps, Comparators, Timers

LM358N            8   Dual Op Amp, single supply
LM318N		  8   High-freq Op Amp
LF356N		  8   JFET Op Amp
LF357N		  8   JFET Op Amp
UA741		  8   General purpose Op Amp
LM747N		 14   Dual general purpose Op Amp
TL072		  8   JFET Op Amp
TL074		 14   Quad JFET Op Amp
INA225		 16   Instrumentation amplifier
LM319N		 14   Dual Linear Comparator
NE555		  8   Timer
LM556		 14   Dual timer
LM380N		 14   2 Watt audio power amp
LM331N		  8   Voltage/Frequency & Freqency/Voltage converter
LM386N		  8   Low voltage audio power amplifier

	Drivers & Receivers

MAX7219		 24   8-digit 7-segment display driver
MAX232CPE	 16   RS232C dual driver/receiver, 5V only
LM1488N		 14   RS232C quad line driver (same as 75188)
LM1489N		 14   RS232C quad line receiver (same as 75189)
SN75150		  8   RS232C dual line driver
uA9639		  8   RS232C dual line receiver
75492		 14   Hex LED digit driver
MC3479P		 16   Bi-phase stepper motor driver
H11B2		  6   Optoisolator
VO2223A		  8   Optocoupler, power phototriac
SN75107A	 14   Dual line receiver
SN75110		 14   Dual line driver
SN75138		 16   Quad bus transceiver
SN75140		  8   Dual line receiver
SN754410	 16   Quadruple Half-H Driver

	Others ICs

DS1307		  8   Maxim real time clock, I2C, with 56 bytes of RAM
PCF8563		  8   Philips real time clock, I2C, with alarm
MCP23008	 18   Microchip I2C 8-bit I/O port expander
MCP23017	 28   Microchip I2C 16-bit I/O port expander (0.3" wide pkg)
MAX7311AWG	 28   Maxim I2C 16-bit I/O port expander, 24-pin SOIC
		      package mounted on a 0.6" wide 28-pin DIP adapter
PCF8574		 16   Philips I2C 8-bit I/O port expander
PDN1144/EDE1144	 18   4x4 keypad encoder
EDE2008		 18   8-input button debouncer
MM74C923	 20   20-key keypad encoder
QT110		  8   Touch sensor (for dielectric switches)
DS18B20		      Temperature sensor, 1-wire interface, TO-92 package
DS1620		  8   Temperature sensor, clocked interface
DS1621		  8   Temperature sensor, I2C interface
DS1631		  8   Temperature sensor, I2C interface
AD5220		  8   Digital potentiometer, 10K Ohm
HD6402		 40   UART, Harris (same as COM1863 and TR1863)
LM567		  8   Tone Decoder (.01 Hz to 500KHz)
74HCT4051	 16   8-channel analog multiplexer
74HC4066	 14   Quad Analog CMOS Switch
AD75019	              16x16 Crosspoint switch array (44-pin PLCC)

	Voltage Regulators

LM3940		3.3V low dropout voltage regulator, 1A, TO-220
LE33CZ		3.3V low dropout voltage regulator, 100mA, TO-92
LM7805		5.0V voltage regulator, 1A, TO-220
UA78L05		5.0V voltage regulator, 100mA, TO-92
TPS7150		5.0V low dropout voltage regulator
LM317L		1.25-32V variable voltage regulator, 100mA, TO-92
TR05S05		5.0V switching regulator

	Transistors & Diodes

2N3904		NPN transistor, TO-92, Vceo=40V, hfe=100@10mA
2N3906		PNP transistor, TO-92, Vceo=40V, hfe=100@10mA
2N2222		NPN transistor, TO-92, Vceo=30V, hfe=100@150mA
MJE2955T	PNP power transistor, TO-220, Vceo=60V,hfe=20@4A
MJE3055T	NPN power transistor, TO-220, Vceo=60V,hfe=20@4A
TIP121		NPN Darlington transistor, TO-220, Ic=5A, hfe=1000
MPSA13		NPN Darlington transistor, TO-92, Ic=1.2A, hfe=5000
IRF540		N-channel power MOSFET, TO-220, Vgs=10V, Id=28A
IRL540		N-channel power MOSFET, TO-220, Vgs=5V, Id=28A
THM6078		Heat sink for TO-220 packages
1N914B		Diode, 100V, 300mA
1N4003		Diode, 200V, 1A
1N5403		Diode, 300V, 3A				Digikey 1N5403-E3/54GICT-ND
1N4732		4.7 Volt Zener diode, 1 watt		Jameco 36089
NTE5010A	5.1 Volt Zener diode, 1/2 watt
2N6071A		Triac, 4A, 200V, TO-220			Jameco 140425
L2004L3		Triac, 4A, 200V, TO-220			Digikey L2004L3-ND
L201E5		Triac, 1A, 200V, TO-92			Digikey L201E5-ND
MOC3043		Optoisolator triac driver		Digikey MOC3043M-ND
LM335Z		Temperature sensor transistor


White LEDs (T1 3/4 size)			CREE C503C-WAS-CBADA151
Red LEDs (T1 size)
Red LEDs (T1 3/4 size)
Green LEDs (T1 size)
Green LEDs (T1 3/4 size)
Yellow LEDs (T1 size)
Yellow LEDs (T1 3/4 size)
Blue LEDs (T1 3/4 size)
Two color LEDs (red, green), common cathode		Digikey 160-1939-ND
Three color LEDs (red, green, blue), common cathode	Sparkfun COM-00105
RGB LEDs, clear, common anode
RGB LEDs, clear, common cathode
RGB LEDs, diffused, common cathode
7-Segment LED display, 0.3", red, common anode, 14-pin, P/N LSD3221-11
7-Segment LED display, 0.8", common anode, P/N LA8071-11-M1EWRW		Jameco 308259
7-segment LED display, 0.6", 4 digit, green, com. anode, P/N LTC-5848G	Jameco 1956573
7-segment LED display, 2.2", red, command cathode, P/N LSD23255-10	Jameco 97201
Chainable smart LED					Adafruit 2741
NeoPixel ring						Adafruit 1643
NeoPixel Stick, 8 RGB LEDs                              Adafruit 1426

	Visible and IR Lamps and Light Detectors

Digital light sensor, TLS2591				Adafruit 1980
Analog light sensor, ALS-PT19				Adafruit 2748
UV light sensor						Sparkfun SEN-16320
IR emitter and detector					Sparkfun SEN-00241
Photocell						Sparkfun SEN-09088
Photocell						Adafruit 161
Phototransistor						Digikey	480-1952
PD204-6C photo diode, visible and IR			Digikey 1080-1140-ND
PN334 PIN photo diode, visible and IR			Digikey PN334PA-ND
PN323 PIN photo diode, IR				Digikey PN323PA-ND
TLN100 Infrared LED, 1.2V, 20mA				Jameco 112150
TSOP34838 Infrared receiver, for remote controls	Newark 88K2016
TSOP38238 Infrared receiver, for remote controls	Adafruit 157
TSOP58038 Infrared receiver (old)			Newark 70R1423
IR receiver module, 38kHz, uses TSOP85338 chip		Sparkfun SEN-08554
IR receiver module, 38kHz, IRM 8420 (use with TLN100)	Jameco 131908
IR receiver module, 38kHz, Ligitek 6810, (use with TLN100) (old) Jameco 125049
IRD300 Infrared Detector (use with TLN100)
TEAC RC-505 IR remote control, 38kHz NEC signals
Mini remote control					Adafruit 389
H800 incandescent lamp
BPW77 visible light detector (use with H800)

	LCD Displays

16x2 characters, parallel, black-on-white		Polytronics PVC160205
24x2 characters, parallel, black-on-white		BG Micro LCD1029
20x2 characters, parallel (4-bit), black-on-white	BG Micro LCD1022
20x4 characters, parallel, RGB backlight		Adafruit 499
20x4 characters, parallel, dark-on-yellow		Crystalonics CDM20416
16x2 characters, parallel, dark-on-yellow		Crystalonics CDM16216B
20x4 characters, parallel, white-on-blue		??? AMC2004AR-B-B
20x4 characters, parallel, blue-on-white	NHD-0420AZ-FSW-GBW-33V3-ND
128x64 graphics, parallel, white-on-blue	Crystalfontz CFAG12864D-STI-TZ
128x64 graphics, parallel with touchscreen		Sparkfun LCD-00463
160x128 graphics, parallel				Sparkfun LCD-08799
16x2 characters, serial, white-on-blue		Matrix Orbital LK162-12-WB
16x2 characters, serial, white-on-blue			Sparkfun LCD-09395
20x2 characters, serial, white-on-blue		Digikey NHD-0220D3Z-NSW-BBW
20x4 characters, serial, white-on-blue		Digikey NHD-0420D3Z-NSW-BBW-V3
128x64 graphics, serial					Sparkfun LCD-08358
128x64 graphics, serial, 0.96"				Amazon B00O2KDQBE
84x48 graphics (from Nokia 5110 phone)			Sparkfun LCD-10168
160x128 graphics, color, MicroSD card			Adafruit 358
320x240 graphics, color, touchscreen			Adafruit 335
320x240 graphics, color, touchscreen, MicroSD card	Adafruit 2090
128x32 LCD for Featherwing boards			Adafruit 2900
Touchscreen, 4.5x3.5"					Digikey BER275-ND
Touchscreen connector for Digikey BER275		Sparkfun BOB-09224
Touchscreen, 2.75x2.2"					Sparkfun LCD-08977

3.5" NTSC Video display					Adafruit 913
Spare screen for Adafruit 913 video display


XBee S1, XB24-API-001, trace antenna			Digikey 602-1273-ND
XBee S2C, XB24CAWIT-001, wire antenna			Digikey 602-1891-ND
XBee Pro S1, XBP24-AWI-001, wire antenna
XBee breakout board					Sparkfun WRL-11373
XBee breakout board					Parallax 32402
XBee connector, 10 position, 2 row			Digikey 929975-01-05-ND
ATWINC1500 WiFi Breakout				Adafruit 2999
RFM69HCW RF Transceiver on breakout board		Adafruit 3070
RFM69HCW RF Transceiver on breakout board		Sparkfun WRL-12775
RFM22B-S2 RF Transceiver on breakout board		Sparkfun WRL-10154
RFM22B-S2 RF Transceiver				Sparkfun WRL-10153
Featherwing RFM96 LoRa radio, 433MHz			Adafruit 2900
RF transmitter, 434MHz					Sparkfun WRL-08946
WiFi Module, ESP8266					Sparkfun WRL-13678
RFM12B-S2 Wireless Transceiver				Sparkfun WRL-09582
WIZnet WIZ811MJ breakout board, W5100 Network Module    Sparkfun DEV-09473
Electric IMP, IMP001-US-B				Digikey 1413-1002-ND
Electric IMP breakout board				Sparkfun BOB-11400
CMMR-6P-60 radio receiver module			Digikey 561-1014-ND
Antenna for CMMR-6P-60					Digikey 561-1001-ND


900MHz LoRa antenna, with uFL-SMA cable			Adafruit 3340
900MHz LoRa antenna with female RP-SMA connector
uFL to SMA cable					Adafruit 851
2.4GHz antenna with uFL cable				Sparkfun WRL-11320
uFL SMT antenna connector				Adafruit 1661
2.4GHz dipole 1/4 wave antenna, male SMA connector
SMA connectors for board mounting			Amazon B009EOORXO


Bluetooth LE (SPI)					Adafruit 2633
BlueSMiRF HID Bluetooth modem				Sparkfun WRL-10938
BlueSMiRF Silver Bluetooth modem			Sparkfun WRL-12577
Bluetooth modem						Parallax 30086


RFID reader ID-12LA (125 kHz)				Sparkfun SEN-11827
RFID breakout board					Sparkfun SEN-13030
RFID reader						Parallax 32395
RFID tags						Adafruit 360
RFID controller board					Adafruit 364
RFID kit						Amazon B076HTH56Q


GPS module (MTK3339) on breakout			Adafruit 746
GPS external antenna, SMA connector			Adafruit 960
GPS module (VPN1513) with antenna			Parallax 28510
GPS module						DFRobot TEL0094
GPS module						Garmin GPS18 LVC

	Accelerometers/position sensors

4-direction tilt sensor					Parallax 28036
3-axis accererometer (ADXL345)				Sparkfun SEN-09836
3-axis accelerometer (LIS3DH)				Adafruit 2809
3-axis accelerometer (MMA8451)				Adafruit 2019
Accelerometer/compass (LSM303DLHC)			Adafruit 1120
Accelerometer/compass FLORA (LSM303DLHC)		Adafruit 1247
9-axis IMU (MPU-9250)					Sparkfun SEN-13762
3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer (MPU-6050)		Amazon B06XW9ZSC8
3-axis gyro (ITG-3200)					Sparkfun SEN-11977


Temperature sensor					Adafruit 165
Temperature/humidity sensor, DTH11			Adafruit 386
Humidity/temperature sensor, RHT03 (DHT22)		Sparkfun SEN-10167
Humidity sensor, SHT21					Moderndevices MD0530
Temperature/altitude sensor, MPL3115A2			Adafruit 1893

	Moisture sensors

Soil moisture sensor					Sparkfun SEN-13322
Soil moisture sensor					Sparkfun SEN-13637
Soil moisture sensor					DFRobot SEN0114
Soil moisture sensor					Lightinthebox 903362
Water sensor, 59630-1-T-03-A				Digikey F7185-ND
Liquid level sensor (SST LLC200D3SH-LLPK1)		Sparkfun SEN-13835


Sound impact sensor					Parallax 29132
Audio sound breakout					Sparkfun WIG-11125
PAM8403 Bluetooth audio receiver & stereo amplifier
Microphone and amplifier				Adafruit 1063
Microphone and amplifier				Adafruit 1713


USB to serial cable, separate wires			Sparkfun CAB-12977
USB to serial module, miniUSB				Sparkfun DEV-09115
USB to serial module, miniUSB				Parallax 32201
USB to serial module, microUSB				Sparkfun BOB-12731
USB to serial module, miniUSB				Sparkfun BOB-00718

	Vibration, force senors

Force sensitive resistor				Adafruit 166
Force sensitive resistor				Adafruit 1075
Vibration sensor					Sparkfun SEN-10293
Vibration motor						Adafruit 1201

	Cameras, rangefinders

Analog distance sensor (Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F)		Jameco 2136454
ADPS-9960 RGB and gesture sensor			Sparkfun SEN-12787
IR thermal camera					Adafruit 3622
Video camera						Sparkfun SEN-11745
Ultrasonic range finder (LV-MaxSonar-EZ0)		Sparkfun SEN-08502

	Motion sensors

Passive IR (PIR) motion sensor				Digikey 255-3075
Motion sensor						Digikey 490-11915-ND
PIR mini sensor						Parallax 28033
PIR motion sensor					Adafruit 189
PIR motion sensor (Velleman VMA314)			Jameco 2245440
PIR motion sensor (Parallax 555-28027, Revision A)

	Miscellaneous modules

Arduino Yun
Arduino Zero
TI CC3100BOOST						Digikey 296-37769-ND
TI CC31XXEMUBOOST					Digikey	296-37770-ND
I2C to UART breakout board				Sparkfun BOB-09981
Current sensor, ACS712					Sparkfun SEN-08883
MicroSD card breakout					Adafruit 254
SD card breakout					Sparkfun BOB-12941
Micro SD card, 1gb
Micro SD card adapter					Catalex
ATSHA204 authentication chip breakout			Sparkfun BOB-11551
Load sensor RB-Spa-488
CO (carbon monoxide) sensor				Parallax 605-00007
Pulse sensor						Adafruit 1093
Pulse sensor						Sparkfun SEN-11574
Sensor cables with electrode pads			Sparkfun CAB-12970
Biomedical sensor pads					Sparkfun SEN-12969
Electrode pads, 2" square				Promedxpress 672012901

	Logic level converters

Logic level converter, 4 bits				Sparkfun BOB-12009
Logic level converter, 4 bits				Sparkfun BOB-11771
Logic level converter, 4 bits				Adafruit 757
Logic level shifter, 8-bits, 74LVC245			Adafruit 735

	Batteries and Power

Solar panel, 7.2V					Jameco 2221456
5V Mini USB 1A Lithium battery charging module		Amazon B00AUDQWXQ
3.7V, 2500mAh Lithium battery module			Adafruit 328
3.7V, 110mAh E-Textiles Lithium battery			Sparkfun PRT-13112
1.5V, 5.5mAh Lithium battery, rechargable, 9.5mm	Digikey 728-1082-ND
5V regulated wall-wart power supply			All Elec. PS-537
Lithium battery, 3V, CR2032				Digikey N189
Lithium battery, 3V, CR1220
Battery holder, PC mount, for CR2032			Digikey 103K
Lithium battery, 3V, CR2354, 560mAh			Newark
Battery holder, PC mount, for CR2354			Newark
Battery holder for 3 AAA cells				Adafruit 727
Battery holder, 9V					Digikey BH9V-W
9V battery connector
Power jack, 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, panel mount, metal	Jameco 151563
Power jack, 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, panel mount, plastic	Jameco 202358
Power jack, 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, PC mount		Digikey SC23
Power plug, 1.3mm ID, 3.5mm OD, inline			Jameco 71192
3-pin terminal block (PC board power connector)		Jameco 152355
2-pin terminal block, 5mm pitch				Sparkfun PRT-08432
3-pin terminal block, 3.5mm pitch			Sparkfun PRT-08235
Terminal strip, 9-position, 8mm spacing			Digikey W5035
Banana plugs (red & black)				Jameco 72194
Banana plugs (white)					Digikey J144
Inline 3AG fuse holders

	Buzzers and Speakers

Buzzer, 12mm, 5V
Buzzer, 12mm, square-wave input, P/N CEM-1206S		Digikey 102-1155
Buzzer, 3.5kHz,	30mm, 2-5V DC input, P/N AI-3035-TWT-3V-R  Digikey 668-1204
Buzzer, 2.4kHz, 12mm, 5V DC input, P/N CEM-1205C	Digikey 102-1124
Buzzer, 2.73kHz, 9.6mm, 5V DC input, P/N CX-0905C	Digkkey 102-1285
2.6" speaker, 25 Ohms					Jameco 249463
1.5" speaker, 4 Ohms

        Resistors & capacitors

Individual resistors are available in the parts bins in OHE 240
10K Ohm membrane potentiometer				Sparkfun SEN-08680
10k Ohm membrane potentiometer (SoftPot)		Adafruit 178
10K Ohm trimpot						Jameco 43001
2K Ohm trimpot						Jameco 43043
1k Ohm trimpot						Digikey CT6R102
500 Ohm trimpot						Jameco 43123
1K Ohm potentiometer and knob				Jameco 29049, 102878
8 x 1K ohm DIP Resistor (for 2955 & 3055 power Xtr)
15 x 1K ohm DIP Resistor (for pull-ups)			Digikey, 4116R-2-102
Thermister, 2K
Heating pad, 5x10 cm					Sparkfun COM-11288

36pf Capacitor
100pf Capacitor
470pf Capacitor						Jameco 15528
0.001uF Capacitor					Jameco 15190
0.0047uF Capacitor
0.01uF Capacitor					Jameco 15230
0.022uF Capacitor
0.1uF, 50VDC Capacitor					Jameco 15270
1.0uF, 50VDC Capacitor					Jameco 29831
2.2uF 25VDC Capacitor
10uF, 35VDC Capacitor					Jameco 29893
47uF, 16VDC Capacitor
100uF, 50VDC Capacitor

	Fans, Motors, Pumps, Hoses

Fan, 40x40x10mmm, 12VDC					Amazon B002OFL1J8
Stepper motor, 12V DC bipolar, P/N SM4203		Jameco 105881
Servo motor, 160 degree rotation			Sparkfun ROB-09065
Servo motor, 270 degree rotation			DFrobot DSS-M15S
Pump, submersible					Ebay 263197022462
Hose, clear plastic, 3/36" IC, 5/16" OD
Hose, clear plastic, 5/16" ID, 7/16" OD
Hose, clear plastic, 3/16" ID, 5/16" OD
Hose barb adapter, 1/4" MIP to 1/4" ID
Motorized ball valve, 9-24VDC, USS-MSV00026		Amazon B06XWYW9ZR
Solenoid air valve, 12VDC				Amazon B01M0UEISP
Diaphram air pump, 12V DC				SCIPlus 40666P1
Vacuum pump, 12VDC					Sparkfun ROB-10398
Liquid flow meter					Adafruit 828
Heater, 8W, 12-24 VAC/VDC 016020-03


OBD-II to DB9 cable					DFrobot FIT0429
MCP2551 CAN Transceiver					Digikey MCP2551-I/P-ND
ELM327L, IC, 28-pin, .3" PDIP package			ELMelectronic ELM327LP


Quadcopter Power Distribution Board Lite		Hobbyking 9171000145
Hobbymate XT60 Power Distribution Board			Amazon B078JBT2HQ
3.5m bullet connectors, male/female pairs

        Switches and Relays

Magnetic contact switch (door sensor)			Adafruit 375
Toggle switch, SPDT, mounts in 1/4" hole		Jameco 75854
Pushbutton, SPDT, mounts in 1/4" hole			Jameco 121304
Pushbutton, SPST, PC-board mount, white			Digikey 401-1963
Pushbutton, SPST, PC-board mount, red			Digikey 401-1966
Pushbutton, SPST, PC-board mount, black			Digikey 401-1969
Pushbutton, illuminated					Adafruit 1479
Tactile Buttons, 12mm					Adafruit 1119
Slide switch, SPDT (on-off-on)				Jameco 106075
DIP switch, SPST, 8-position (fits in 16-pin socket)	Digikey CT2067
DIP switch, SPST, 8-position (fits in 16-pin socket)	Digikey CT2098LPST
DIP switch, SPDT, 4-position (fits in 16-pin socket)	Digikey CT206124
Rotary encoder, 6, 12 or 24 states per rev.		Digikey 3315Y-001-006L
Rotary encoder, 16, 32 or 64 states per rev.		Digikey 3315Y-001-016L
Knob for rotary encoder, 1/8" shaft			Jameco 290125
Knob for rotary encoder, 1/4" shaft			Digikey GH7341
Rotary encoder, 24 state/rev. with switch and knob	Adafruit 377
DIP relay, SPDT, P/N HK4100F-DC5V-SHG
DIP relay, DPDT, P/N DS2YE-S-DC5V (16-pin)		Jameco 173914
DIP relay, DPDT, latching , P/N TN2-L2-5V		Jameco 761547
DIP relay, SPST, P/N 1A0500 (14-pin)
DIP relay, SPST, P/N W107DIP-5
DIP relay, SPDT, P/N OUAZ-SS-105D
DIP relay, DPST, P/N D2A05A
DIP relay, SPDT, P/N D1C05C
Relay, DPDT, 12VDC, 30A					Amazon B01LWXTHIX
Relay, SPDT, 20A					Sparkfun COM-10924
Relay control board (for COM-10924)			Sparkfun COM-11041
Keypad, 4x4						Jameco 169245
Keypad, 3x4						Adafruit 1824
Joystick						Sparkfun COM-09032
Joystick break-out board				Sparkfun BOB-09110


JST 3-wire breadboard jumper				Sparkfun CAB-13685
JST 3-wire jumper with mating connector			Sparkfun PRT-09915
3.5mm female stereo connector					Digikey SC1459
Phono (RCA) plug, black						Digikey CP1453
Phono (RCA) plug, red						Digikey CP1455
DB9P 9-pin male connector					Jameco 15747
DB9S 9-pin female connector (solder cups)			Jameco 15771
DB9S 9-pin female connector (pins)
DB9S 9-pin female, right angle for PC board mounting
Hoods for DB9P and DB9S connectors
DB15P 15-pin male connector
DB15S 15-pin female connector
DB15S 15-pin female, right angle for PC board mounting
Hoods for DB15P and DB15S connectors
DB25P 25-pin male connector					Jameco 15114
DB25F 25-pin female connector
Jones plug, 4 contacts						Jameco 248786
Jones socket, 4 contacts					Jameco 248823
Jones plug, 6 contacts						Jameco 248794
Jones socket, 6 contacts					Jameco 248831
Molex KK 3-pin female housing					Jameco 234712
Molex KK 3-pin male header					Jameco 232274
Molex KK 4-pin female housing					Digikey WM2013
Molex KK 4-pin female housing, w/o ramp				Digikey WM1577
Molex KK 4-pin male header					Digikey WM4202
Molex KK 5-pin female housing					Digikey WM2604
Molex KK 6-pin female housing					Jameco 234747
Molex KK 6-pin female housing, w/o ramp				Digikey WM1579
Molex KK 6-pin male header					Jameco 232303
Molex KK 8-pin female housing					Digkkey WM2607
Molex KK 10-pin female housing					Digkkey WM2609
Molex KK 11-pin female housing					Digkkey WM2610
Molex KK crimp contacts						Jameco 234923

        Oscillators and Crystals

Oscillators are for 5V unless otherwise noted.
32.768 kHz DIP Oscillator, P/N DS32kHz (for RTC ICs)		Newark 74C2865
32.768 kHZ Crystal (for RTC ICs)				Digikey 300-1002
1.8432 MHz DIP Oscillator
2.4576 MHz Crystal
4 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-pin DIP size				Jameco 27967
4 MHz DIP Oscillator, 8-pin DIP size for 3.3V			Newark 13J1861
4.000 MHz Crystal (for EDE1144 keypad encoder ICs)		Digikey X971
4.9152 MHz DIP Oscillator, 8-pin DIP size			Digikey SE1204
7.3728 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-in DIP size			Digikey SER1727
8 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-pin DIP size				Jameco 27991
9.8304 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-pin DIP size			Digikey X954
10 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-pin DIP size				Jameco 354909
12 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-pin DIP size				Jameco 27895
12.000 MHz Crystal
12.096 MHz Crystal
13.560 MHz Crystal (for RFID sensors)				Digikey 887-1015
14.31818 MHz DIP Oscillator, 8-pin DIP size (use with 74ACT715)	Digikey XC270
14.3181 MHz Crystal
14.7456 MHZ DIP Oscillator, 8-pin DIP size (JL16 baud rates)	Digikey SE1234
15.000 MHz Crystal
16 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-pin DIP size				Digikey SER1711
18.000 MHz Crystal
20 MHz DIP Oscillator, 14-pin DIP size

        IC Sockets and Plugs

Wire-wrap socket, 8-pin						Jameco 94473
Wire-wrap socket, 14-pin, 3-level				Jameco 196841
Wire-wrap socket, 16-pin, 3-level				Jameco 37410
Wire-wrap socket, 18-pin, 3-level
Wire-wrap socket, 20-pin, 3-level				Jameco 38631
Wire-wrap socket, 24-pin, 2-level, 0.6 in. wide			Jameco 41179
Wire-wrap socket, 24-pin, 3-level, 0.6 in. wide
Wire-wrap socket, 24-pin, 2-level, 0.3 in. wide			Jameco 105371
Wire-wrap socket, 28-pin, 3-level, 0.6 in. wide			Jameco 40336
Wire-wrap socket, 28-pin, 3-level, 0.3 in. wide			Jameco 200716
Wire-wrap socket, 32-pin, 3-level				Jameco 117057
Wire-wrap socket, 40-pin, 2-level				Jameco 41179
Wire-wrap socket, 40-pin, 3-level

Zero-insertion force (ZIF) socket, 28-pin (Aries)		Jameco 104003
Zero-insertion force (ZIF) socket, 28-pin (Textool)
Zero-insertion force (ZIF) socket, 40-pin (Aries)
Zero-insertion force (ZIF) socket, 40-pin (Textool)

Solder-tail socket, 8-pin					Digikey ED3308
Solder-tail socket, 14-pin
Solder-tail socket, 16-pin					Digikey ED56163
Solder-tail socket, 18-pin					Digikey ED3318
Solder-tail socket, 28-pin					Digikey A409AE

DIP header plug, 8-pin
DIP header plug, 14-pin						Jameco 134922
DIP header plug, 16-pin						Jameco 37330
DIP header plug, 20-pin
DIP header plug, 40-pin						Jameco 42712

        Other hardware

Box, plastic, black, 4.72" x 2.56" x 1.57"			Digikey HM116
Turntable ("Lazy Susan"), 2" square			Amazon B07F9YD2ZR

Male headers, 1x40, straight, double height, 0.1" pitch	Moderndevices CP0101
Female headers, 1x40, straight, 0.1" pitch		Moderndevices CP0102
Stacking headers, 1x8, straight, 0.1" pitch		Moderndevices CP0110
Stacking headers, 1x6, straight, 0.1" pitch			Jameco 2144614
Male headers, 1x17, straight, 0.1" pitch			Jameco 103376
Male headers, 1x30, straight, 0.1" pitch
Male headers, 1x36, right angle, 0.1" pitch			Jameco 103271
Male Headers, 2x25, straight, 0.1" pitch			Jameco 53560
Wire-wrap socket pins
Vector T112 spring bus strips (for shorting headers together)
4.6 x 4.3 inch PC Board, P/N 2743PCB				Jameco 206578
6.1 x 8.8 inch PC Board, P/N 2507PCB				Jameco 105187

Screws, 8-32 x 3/4"
Screws, 8-32 x 1"
Nuts, 8-32

Screws, 6-32 x 1"						90272A153
Screws, 6-32 x 3/4"						90272A151
Nuts, 6-32							90480A007
Lockwashers, #6							91113A007

Screws, 4-40 x 5/8" (mounting DB-9 on board)			90272A112
Nuts, 4-40							90480A005
Lockwashers, #4							91113A005

Screws, 2-56 x 1/2" (mounting LCDs on board)			90272A081
Nuts, 2-56							90480A003
Lockwashers, #2							91113A003

Lockwashers, 5/16", for Jameco 151563 power connectors		91113A030

Spacer, 3/4", aluminum, threaded for #6 screw
Spacer, 3/4", nylon, threaded for #6 screw
Spacer, 1/2", nylon, hole for #6 screw
Spacer, 3/8", nylon, hole for #6 screw, for mounting DB-9 connectors on board
Spacer, 1/4", nylon, hole for #6 screw
Spacer, 3/16", nylon, hole for #6 screw
Spacer, 1/8", nylon, hole for #6 screw, for mounting LCD panels on board

Soldering iron tip, Weller PTA7 (1/16", normal one used in irons)
Soldering iron tip, Weller PTA8 (1/16", 800 degrees)
Soldering iron tip, Weller PTF7 (1/32" tip)
Soldering iron tip, Weller PTS7 (1/100" tip)

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